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  • Subject: Re: Head count:


    Open your eyes man, nobody's been on this forum in ages other than the couple of recent visits to this thread. Just keep the account and ignore it, nobody will do anything for you here.

    This site is like the remains of an old civilization, put on your Indiana Jones costume and get digging to get an answer as to why nobody is responding. Oh and look out for giant spherical rocks.
    07 Feb 2017, 20:50
  • 17 Feb 2017, 01:43
  • Subject: Re: Head count:

    Dwight wrote:How the fuck can i delete my account? I'm really tired of asking that to everybody without gettin' the right facken attention.

    I have sent a private message to the owner/admin of this useless forum and he has never replied back.

    I had opened a topic but it's still empty, no answer, no reply, a facken fack of nothin'.

    I want to delete my account. And i haven't found the way to do it. I did read somewhere in the forum there was an option within our profile that allow us to delete our account , but there is no option at all.


    Why do you so urgently need to delete your account lol? I don't understand. As a moderator I don't have the power to delete accounts, only admins can do that and all the admins are gone lmao, hell everyone's gone, just give up you are here forever <3
    23 Feb 2017, 20:57
  • Subject: Re: Head count:


    I order you to delete my account! i order you to delete my account!

    "I'm sorry John, i have to go away, my mission ends here..."

    Alright boys, thanks everybody for your answer. I really want to delete it because i don't want an empty useless virtual space . But idk that everybody's gone, the admin too, they don't get here since 2001, it's a fool, it's a trap, it's an april fish , it's still here. you are my buddies. can i go to any of your home and play videogame along with you?
    25 Feb 2017, 02:14
  • Subject: Re: Head count:

    Sorry mate, I'm out of the business, I'm moving on.
    05 Mar 2017, 00:47
  • 06 Mar 2017, 01:57
  • 20 Mar 2017, 10:38

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