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  • 26 Feb 2013, 20:25
  • Subject: Re: PC CRYSIS 3|||||ADD FOV OPTIONS

    Xzavier wrote:My fellow friends at Crytek. You seriously need to add FOV options to the Advanced Graphics Settings list in Crysis 3. If you are unable to do that, then please make it so we can add these settings in the settings.cfg folder or put an autoexec.cfg folder for us please. Thankyou, and I hope my suggestions are met.

    P.S. I can add fov settings in console by pressing "`" such as: cl_fov 80, pl_movement.power_sprint_targetfov 80, and r_drawnearfov 80, but it always resets and never saves each match i play and it goes back to fov_55. I have to retype it in console everytime. Please make a fix to this as this was the same issue in Crysis 2. If you cant fix this then I cant play. Your gun and the HUD takes up all of the screen. It's way too big, as compared to Crysis 1.

    +1 FOV would be very nice indeed
    26 Feb 2013, 20:32
  • 26 Feb 2013, 20:38
  • 26 Feb 2013, 21:17
  • 26 Feb 2013, 21:59
  • 26 Feb 2013, 22:27
  • Subject: Re: PC CRYSIS 3|||||ADD FOV OPTIONS

    Wondering why did they removed it? In Beta there was an FOV slider... was possible to change only FOV but not a weapon position/size but its better then nothing.
    26 Feb 2013, 22:33
  • 26 Feb 2013, 23:52
  • Subject: Re: PC CRYSIS 3|||||ADD FOV OPTIONS

    Thewonderboy wrote:I have autoexec.cfg in my Crysis 3 root folder and my FOV stays the same, however DrawNearFov seems to reset (but Im not sure)

    Hey Guys I may have a temporary fix. Due to the recent patch, they have now added a User folder with a Game.cfg and GFE.cfg in there. :). I think you can add all your settings in game.cfg.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crysis 3\USER

    Tell me if it works for you guys.
    26 Feb 2013, 23:56
  • Subject: Re: PC CRYSIS 3|||||ADD FOV OPTIONS

    Here are some commands that you can put in that folder that may work.

    g_skipintro 1
    cl_fov 80
    pl_movement.power_sprint_targetfov 80
    r_drawnearfov 80
    cl_bobSprintMultiplier 0

    r_NoDrawNear 0
    r_MultiGPU 0
    r_VSync 0
    sys_maxFPS 120

    Enjoy guys. :p

    P.S. r_drawnearfov 80 still doesnt work. You have to press it in console every time you spawn.
    27 Feb 2013, 00:02

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