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  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    aw3s0m0 wrote:Hey EVGA, fyi some your servers seem to show up with slightly lower ping in the server search, ~330(used to be ~360).
    Hmm just tried 1vs1 server but got 280ping tho.

    Yesterday I did make changes to the servers' network driver settings. I'm not sure that it would really be reflected in the server browser though. There always seems to be a variance in what it reports for pings.

    The objective of my changes was try to and stop (or at least better) the problem with the crysis 2 server and packet fragmentation. I have observed this several times when a server is full (especially with the skyline and lighthouse servers) when an orbital or ceph gunship is used.

    I could also be beating a dead horse since there is no real way to tell if this is just a design flaw with the dedicated server program or if it is actually related to network settings. As a network engineer I will at least satisfy my curiosity by experimenting with it.

    What times to you usually get on my servers?? You are only like 1 hour ahead of my time, but I don't think I've ever seen you on.
    08 Feb 2012, 14:12
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    aw3s0m0 wrote:Orbital + heaps of glass breakage causes the most lag i think. I haven't experienced much lag in lighthouse but skyline and pier 17 gets laggy most of the time.

    I usually play on Aus servers during ~5pm-midnight(UTC+10:00) cos i usually get 40-60ping(sometimes 25).

    I've been experimenting with a lot of different network settings and I've managed to produced some good results from it.

    On my skyline server, I've managed to reduce quite a bit of the lag issues (not completely eliminate, unfortunately) from tuning network switch and NIC settings.
    14 Feb 2012, 17:05
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    How do you have such easy access to your server Skydive? Are they run with the Dedicated Server Package on your own computers provided by Crytek?
    14 Feb 2012, 17:09
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    WaR_SPiRiT wrote:How do you have such easy access to your server Skydive? Are they run with the Dedicated Server Package on your own computers provided by Crytek?

    I own all of the equipment they run on. I have 3 42U racks full of equipment. I have a fibre channel SAN, and about 20 servers between blade servers and others. Currently the equipment is located in my home, so yes, I have very easy access to them. (and a huge electric bill)

    However, I will be moving the equipment to a data center very soon and expanding to other data centers to provide nationwide and global coverage. I will be in California next week and hope to visit some data centers there.

    I have finally managed to get in touch with EA to be considered for their RANKED server program as a start. Hopefully I will have everything in order soon with the equipment upgrades and the web site and they like what they see.

    Here is a picture of what is sitting in my basement currently.

    14 Feb 2012, 23:24
  • 14 Feb 2012, 23:34
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    So.... Dedicated Server Package then? Are even the standard maps servers of yours unranked? Or only the custom ones?
    14 Feb 2012, 23:38
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    WaR_SPiRiT wrote:So.... Dedicated Server Package then? Are even the standard maps servers of yours unranked? Or only the custom ones?

    Currently all of them are unranked. I hope that will change soon.
    15 Feb 2012, 00:16
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    aw3s0m0 wrote:
    EVGASkydive wrote:I was testing a couple new maps I just added on. I'll edit the OP to include the links for them.

    Hey i've download the last two map, but not sure how to install em. (first four had readme file i think or auto install file)

    Do i just copy the "cw2_bridge" and "cw2_hotelrooftop" folder to Crysis 2 directory?

    For Bridge, you will want to copy the cw2_bridge directory into your \gamecrysis2\Levels\Wars directory.

    Hotel Rooftop you will actually want to go deeper into the directories where you find the gamecrysis2 and mods folders. Simply copy the gamescrysis2 folder to merge it with the existing one and the same for the Mods folder.
    22 Feb 2012, 16:13
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    aw3s0m0 wrote:Thanks. Now i have to all six maps installed but i still can't log in to your server #12.
    I get "you do not have this user created map error", do i need to download more maps?

    These are the maps running on the CRYMAP.RU server.

    The maps you will want to download is NYC Park, Cafe, Poolday and Shipment.
    NYC Park
    Hotel Rooftop

    Be sure you exit Crysis 2 and restart it if it was running when you installed the maps.
    22 Feb 2012, 18:18
  • Subject: Re: Players Wanted!!

    aw3s0m0 wrote:Yes i've installed all 6 maps from that link.
    Kill Factory server #12 is not showing up grey anymore since i restarted Crysis 2 but i still get "required downloadable content pack not installed"(???) when if i press join. :(
    Its pain in the ass trying to play this broken game.. would have been so much easier if Crysis 2 simply downloaded new maps like all other games. :(

    Also for some reason you server #13 and #9 are also showing up grey.(you do not have user created map installed)

    I would recommend reinstalling the maps and take care to do it while Crysis 2 is NOT running. Server #13 Tournament has the Sith Ozykz version of Poolday v1.4.

    Download it here:

    As for Server #09 I'm not sure why it's not working for you. I would just recommend going back to the Players Wanted thread and look at the OP and be sure you have all the map packs. Maybe try reinstalling them as well.
    23 Feb 2012, 01:08

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