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  • Subject: Nanosuit Upgrade Modules - Full List!

    well 2 days after launch the module upgrades stoped saying what they do so here is a list for you


    Perform a powerful downwards attack when in the air. Looks good on the eye, but very hard to pull (Probability of dying in the air against players with good aims) though can be a good surprise.
    - Upgrade II
    No Damage suffered from falling long distances.
    - Upgrade III
    Faster Recovery After Air Stomp Attacks.

    Highlights Incoming Bullet Paths. You can easily back track enemy players; especially snipers if you opt to use this module. Very handy in foliage environment where it is very difficult to keep track of enemy snipers.
    - Upgrade II
    Highlights Incoming Grenades.
    - Upgrade III
    Highlights Explosives Nearby.

    Automatic Warning When Enemy is Nearby. Can be annoying at times, since it keeps on reminding you about the enemy and the frequency increases with upgrades but very handy perk for a camper.
    - Upgrade II
    Increased Warning Frequency when an enemy is nearby.
    - Upgrade III
    Maximum Warning Frequency when an enemy is nearby.

    Reduces Drain Speed of Energy when in Armor Mode. Reducing the drain speed energy means you will able to use the Maximum Armor mode for longer period of time. Second Upgrade provides the necessary movement bonus.
    - Upgrade II
    Increase Movement Speed in Armor Mode.
    - Upgrade III
    Protects Against the Nanosuit Jammer Bonus.

    Faster Health Recharge. Your health regenerates faster, faster than usual. Can be very handy perk in close quarter combat environment.
    - Upgrade II
    Faster Suit Energy Recharge.
    - Upgrade III
    Shorter Delay before Health Starts Recharging.

    Delays the detonation of nearby Grenades. Not much useful since if you keep your ears open, you can actually hear the grenades falling nearby and always have enough time to avoid these.
    - Upgrade II
    Delays the detonation of enemy explosives.
    - Upgrade III
    Provides an automatic Defenses against enemy missile attacks.

    Restores Nanosuit Energy with each Kill. Again something I would rather not use simply because your Nanosuit energy regenerates automatically though slowly. You can sacrifice those few seconds recovering the Nanosuit Energy for a better Nanosuit Module.
    - Upgrade II
    Restores additional Nanosuit Energy with each kill.
    - Upgrade III
    Restores Full Nanosuit energy with each kill.


    Faster transition in and out of stealth mode. That can actually help you a lot in creating the distraction and getting the kills. Especially with Upgrade II you become clearly invisible; hard to spot on while the regular stealth mode only works well in range, very easy to spot anyone in stealth mode nearby.
    - Upgrade II
    No shadow cost in Stealth mode.
    - Upgrade III
    Reduces Energy Drain in Stealth Mode.

    Provides protection from enemy maximum radar bonus. You go radio silent or whatever that’s called.
    Good for assaulter/camper – who likes to take his time and move from cover to cover. If you are going to run-and-gun anyway, avoid this.
    - Upgrade II
    Provides protection from enemy tagging.
    - Upgrades III
    Become less visible to enemies in Nano Vision

    Reduces the sound of Footsteps.
    - Upgrade II
    Provides protection from the ceph Airstrike bonus.
    - Upgrade III
    Enemy footsteps are louder within range.

    Scrambles the radar of enemies within range. You will be radio silent more like hidden from enemy. Few easy kills if enemy don’t anticipate someone nearby, they would come blindly. It depends on you to use this perk effectively.
    - Upgrade II
    Provides protection against enemy radar jammer attacks.
    - Upgrade III
    Scrambles the radar of enemies within an increased range.

    Highlights the footsteps of the nearby enemies. Highlighting doesn’t actually works well and can easily confuse. Don’t follow the footsteps, you will get into trouble. Upgrade II can make it worthwhile showing the enemy routes but it can also turn into a trap.
    - Upgrade II
    Highlights enemy routes with direction.
    - Upgrade III
    Highlights enemy routes with increased frequency.

    Identifies whereby nearby enemies enter stealth mode. You can track nearby enemies in Stealth Mode, and kill them off. This perk would identify even those with no shadow cast.
    - Upgrade II
    Increase the visibility of the cloaked enemies.
    - Upgrade III
    Maximum visibility of cloaked enemies.

    Highlights enemies through weapon scope. Not useful enough, unless you can’t see properly and have to rely on glasses just like me.
    - Upgrade II
    Provides protection against flash bang grenades.
    - Upgrade III
    Reduces energy cost of Nano Vision.


    Allows an additional magazine of primary ammunition to be carried. Rather practice with your secondary and look for the guns on the battlefield.
    - Upgrade II
    Allows an additional grenade or explosive to be carried.
    - Upgrade III
    Allows additional attachment ammunition to be carried.

    Reduces the spread of Primary weapons when shooting from the Hip. Steady Aim – helps with Sub Machine Guns to start with. If you don’t like to aim down sight, this perk can actually come in handy.
    - Upgrade II
    Reduces the spread of secondary weapon when shooting from the hip.
    - Upgrade III
    Reduces the spread from mounted weapons when shooting from the hip.

    Decreases weapon recoil when aiming down sight. Weapon Recoil will keep the aim steady but you can learn to control the recoil or fire the weapon in burst and use some other perk instead.
    - Upgrade II
    Reduces Aim Shake from explosives.
    - Upgrade III
    Increases mobility when aiming down sight.

    Faster Weapon Reloading. Can help in panic situations when you just fire the whole magazine and have enemies still in front of you. But That’s that.
    - Upgrade II
    Faster Aiming Down Sight.
    - Upgrade III
    Faster Switching between weapons.

    Allows an additional Primary Weapon to be carried in place of secondary weapon. Good deal for kill hungry Cryplayers in the wild.
    - Upgrade II
    Removes the weight penalty from weapon attachment.
    - Upgrade III
    Increases mobility speed when carrying heavy weapons.

    Faster Fire Rate on primary weapons. Keep track of the ammunition since faster fire rate would also deplete your ammunition quickly.
    - Upgrade II
    Faster Fire Rate on secondary weapon.
    - Upgrade III
    Faster Fire Rate on mounted weapons.

    Reduces energy drain from sprinting and jumping. Again this perk’s effectiveness depends on how you play. If you cautiously approach the battlefield, this isn’t for you.
    - Upgrade II
    Increases Ledge Grab Speed.
    - Upgrade III
    Faster Firing After Sprinting.

    Automatically collect Dog Tags from killed enemies.
    - Upgrade II
    Support Bonuses require one less Dog Tag to activate.
    - Upgrade III
    Support Bonuses remain active for longer.

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