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  • Subject: [List] Collection of Issues found in Crysis 2 (XBOX)

    If you have any issue you found while playing Multiplayer, Campaign or even using the Main Menu, just reply to the topic using the quote format at the bottom of this post and ill add them.

    DISCLAIMER: These may or may not be what I'm experiencing, but what others are experiencing. And it only applies to issues found in the Xbox 360 Version of the game.

      Overall Game (Both Modes)
    • Grain/Static Bug - Original Topic - Temporary Fix by P40L0 - Bug Post
    • Weapon Disappears after sliding into water - Bug Post
    • Weapon Remains in Sliding Animation after Sliding Bug Post
    • Game Localization - Subtitles for more international languages.
    • Music Hits Maximum Audio Levels and Repeating in Most Cases

    • Freezing Issues (Commonly 'Sudden Impact') - Original Topic
    • Supersoldier Achievement Not Unlocking after Completion - (Many Have Reported this issue and it is highly needed to be fixed)
    • Sometimes JAW Rockets Disappear - {Needs More Information or Topic}
    • Unable to Reload/Use JAW Rocket Launcher - Caused by switching weapons during the JAW reload animation - Bug Post
    • Airstomp is Glitched - Bug Info

    • Placeholder TEXT - I encountered this once in a loading screen. {Somewhat Rare}
    • Tagging and Bagging Skill assessment - Corpse Crouching Detection not correctly working?
    • Search for Games via Locale(ie: North America, Europe.), Local Locale(ie Canada, United States) and Worldwide.
    • Games wont start sometimes - Presents Retrieving Session Details (Found in Team Instant Action; Standard) Timelapse Video
    • Squad Leader Boot - When Squad Leaders leave the game they take whoever was in there party with him, can cause inconveniences.
    • Alone after Host Migration - (Can cause boosting under objective matches like Capture the Relay, Extraction and so on.) - (Crytek FIX: Maybe when only one left the game ends?)
    • Playlists sometimes transfer players to other playlists on some occasions
    • Party/Squad Split Up - There are instances where the party is still split up.
    • Grendel when Single Shot is not suppressed - Tested in Private Match and its confirmed.
    • Weapon Unlocks being "eaten" - Occurs on K-Volt SMG - Original Topic - Bug Post
    • FOV Motion Blur stays on some random times.
    • Losing Weapon Unlocks and Dog Tag Unlocks - Happens when lagged out or leaving a match after receiving promotion during game - Report Bug Info - {Needs more reports for confirmation}
    • Network Lag - Those for who are not host seem to quit because of this.
    • Rank Numbers and Kill Feed - Kill feed says unknown and shows rank numbers, instead of there GT's. Bug Video

      Main Menu/Settings
      • Joining Session in Progress but no spots are available.
      • Rank 50 Achievement Awarded but still Rank 1? - Unknown Cause
      • Film Grain Option? - Causes distortion or issues from what I'm seeing - Youtube Video

    This Example Report is perfect for reporting bugs/issues for the game, use this when possible!
    Example Report wrote:Example Bug - Example Original Bug Topic (Its a Link to Google)

    Example Bug Report Explanation of what it does and how it affects you

    My Example configuration:
    -Xbox 360 Original
    -Crysis 2 installed on the Hard-Drive (It makes a difference if it is or it isn't)
    -Component HD Cables

    If you have a video of any of the issues above, please upload to youtube and let me know and ill add it!
    23 Mar 2011, 12:03
  • 23 Mar 2011, 13:21
  • Subject: Re: [List] Collection of Issues found in Crysis 2 (XBOX)

    @Killor117 I've had every issue you describe in your OP. The missing Gamma adjustment was surprising but it appears they've adjusted the lighting based off that decision and the games base brightness seems to be much brighter then what was shown us in the demo.

    The PC had a pretty sizable patch (around 35mb) for bugs/gitches on launch, not sure of the PS3 version.

    I wonder if they've got one for 360 that already addresses these issues, but because of the patch size restrictions, have to piggyback it with DLC?

    At any rate the retail build is exceptionally better then the demo. And the bugs/glitche,s while annoying and I'd like them to be addressed, aren't game breaking by any means.
    23 Mar 2011, 13:38
  • 23 Mar 2011, 16:42
  • 23 Mar 2011, 17:29
  • 23 Mar 2011, 17:32
  • Subject: Re: [List] Collection of Issues found in Crysis 2 (XBOX)

    When using the alternative button layout (B=melee, right joystick = crouch/slide) and using a sniper rifle - when trying to zoom (right joystick) it also makes me crouch at the same time - zooming should be changed to B with alternative button layout. anyone else have this issue?
    23 Mar 2011, 18:40
  • 23 Mar 2011, 22:43
  • 23 Mar 2011, 22:50
  • Subject: Re: [List] Collection of Issues found in Crysis 2 (XBOX)

    twistedmisery666 wrote:Multiplayer

    umm the cloak color is wrong supposed to be clear water color

    Its actually not wrong, they are colored specific to your team, Like C.E.L.L are Blue so your cloak is blue.

    And they added in the hexagons for special effect and for the realism of the suit,
    23 Mar 2011, 23:08

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