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  • Subject: Live Update for CTR Boosting

    Hi everyone,

    A live update is heading to all 3 platforms very shortly. The aim of this update is to counter XP boosting in Capture the Relay. In it's previous form, you would earn 100XP for returning your teams relay. This scoring method was being abused by boosters (boo, hiss).

    The adjustments we've made to the scoring system mean that now instead of getting 100XP for returning your relay and 300XP for an enemy relay capture you now get 400XP for capturing the enemy relay but 0XP for returning your relay.

    We feel this is a good compromise/reward and a way to invalidate boosting. Now, in order to boost XP, you need to actually play the game properly (go from point A to point B!) :) As per all previous live-updates, all you need to do in order to apply it is exit the MP menu and go back in (it's applied when you open MP).

    08 Jun 2011, 16:37
  • 08 Jun 2011, 16:41
  • 08 Jun 2011, 17:01
  • 08 Jun 2011, 17:08
  • 08 Jun 2011, 17:19
  • Subject: Re: Live Update for CTR Boosting

    Will the scoring re-count be applied retroactively? If not then Crytek need to police the leaderboard and remove all boosters and hackers so that legit players are not ranked down on where they should be.
    08 Jun 2011, 17:49
  • 08 Jun 2011, 18:55
  • 08 Jun 2011, 18:59
  • Subject: Re: Live Update for CTR Boosting

    Richard8844 wrote:Hmm, never played that. Thats good though, stupid boosters.

    You never played ctR?
    Sa1R3d Wa1ka how do you find the time to play nearly 250 hours online?
    apparently theres guys on ps3 who have over 40k kills wtf? less lag?
    08 Jun 2011, 19:03
  • 08 Jun 2011, 19:32

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