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  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    xXxMaster-Jedi wrote:He says that he wants to join the clan, he likes the QuiT clan, members, lives in Germany, he is 19 years old, his Turkish is not good etc.

    I replied to him that no way and not to use our clan tag anymore and that the most hated players here are the cheaters. Told him that as a cheater we have nothing to do with him and he can never ever have anything to do with us and not to contact us anymore.

    He said the same to us, he uses google translate (can only speak German) and we told him the same thing you told him. Haha. What a weirdo.
    14 Mar 2012, 09:22
  • 15 Mar 2012, 00:36
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    if you allow him associate him with your clan innocent players will be accused. My advise keep the clan under a certain number. more you let join more harder remember to others who is real who fake. Less members in quit clan let you cheaters found out more easy.
    15 Mar 2012, 11:00
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    Yesterday played with your Clan tag Archangel10.He used speedhack ,unfortunately i had turned off Fraps :(
    15 Mar 2012, 11:19
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    Hello guys.

    We have a problem last months with players who use our clan tag "QuiT" whithout never been accepter from us.

    So please know that the member list of our clan is:

    1. xXxMaster-Jedi [Leader]

    2. Chicken_Murderer111 [Leader]

    3. I.SEE.DEAD.PEOPLE [Leader]

    4. Kavlas [Leader]


    6. Chulli


    8. Alparslanyk

    9. Kagrunz

    10. Xbert22

    11. IRRITANT

    12. Derka82

    13. Master-Eki

    14. Arcanone1337

    15. The Crow

    16. Pranoy407

    17. Starweapon

    18. Chronos83

    19. HyperEnergi

    20. Gwet432

    21. TownCryer8

    22. soofi

    23. Joealp

    24. George3640

    25. BeardedMosquito

    26. Plague470

    27. Fighter05

    28. MAiB

    29. bricco

    30. Amonare

    31. LeutnantSryke

    32. Raka35_xXProXx

    33. Sir-ANT

    34. FastGunner64

    35. Krahtal

    36. TheHax5

    37. Nishantarya98

    38. Barroom_kicks_ass

    39. kirancrytex

    40. ReLeQue

    41. Sn1perturk0(TR)

    42. LubosZ36

    43. evolution999

    44. addictedtoBreath

    45. EpicPunch

    46. AyushV50

    47. redracer0001

    48. Tahercrysis

    49. FARUKFAR

    50. Archangel10

    51. MorbidAngel

    52. Rok Sako to rok lo

    No other player than those is member of our clan and if any new member join our clan we will post it here, on our forum and on facebook on our group.

    --> New member can join our clan ONLY if the 4 leaders accept the member. <--

    --> We are not responsible for players using our clan tag and are not in this list. <--

    We dont want cheaters so if you have solid evidence that any of our clan members is hacking, show it to us in order to remove the member. If you dont have solid evidence please dont waste our time.

    thank you.
    15 Mar 2012, 13:41
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    We would also like to inform that we are discussing of hosting a crash site tournament in our server.

    We are looking now all the aspects of hosting this tournament in order to prevent any problems.

    We are thinking of maps: city hall, wall street and parking deck 5v5 but it is not the final decision, soon any of the leaders will announce here, in our forum and on our group on facebook the rules, maps, etc of the tournament and also the beginning of registration to the tournament.

    thank you.
    15 Mar 2012, 14:00
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    I think I found another fake, seeing as it's not in your list. He went by the name of ElotrixHD with the clantag QuiT.

    Also, after searching for him on gametracker, several similar usernames appear
    15 Mar 2012, 14:37
  • 15 Mar 2012, 16:48
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    i am not planing on joining a clan tell i get use to my computer for games. and learn the keyboard and mouse again. right now i am on self training. i cant join a clan untell i get use to playing muiltplayer again. (normally play games for single player on PC)
    15 Mar 2012, 17:39
  • Subject: Re: About QuiT Clan

    Do you remember the map and game type?

    LubosZ36 wrote:Yesterday played with your Clan tag Archangel10.He used speedhack ,unfortunately i had turned off Fraps :(
    15 Mar 2012, 17:44

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