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  • Subject: Crysis 2 DX11 + High Res Textures - June 27th!

    Crysis 2 DX11 and High Res Textures Update

    As a number of users were able to download the DX11 and High res texture packages from our test environment we would like to take this opportunity to explain how these files will work and our future plans via a short FAQ;

    Where can I download these files?
    We have removed the files from our websites until the full release date.

    How do I install these packs?
    Both the DX11 and High Res texture packages require Crysis 2 PC Patch 1.9 to work. Without this patch they cannot be installed.

    When will patch 1.9 be available?
    Crysis 2 PC patch 1.9 AND the DX11 and High Res Texture packages will be made available on on Monday June 27th!

    Please note that the files will not work without the PC patch scheduled for release on Monday, more information about this including all download links will be made available to you via and our social network pages. If you would like to see a list of changes made in patch 1.9 you can view them HERE.

    - MyCrysis Team

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    22 Jun 2011, 19:38
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  • 22 Jun 2011, 20:03
  • 22 Jun 2011, 20:06
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 DX11 + High Res Textures - June 27th!

    manicattack wrote:Adam, do we have to have 64bit for the High Res Texture pack? Because i really would like to download it but I only have 32bit :(

    I heard that you need to have 64-bit Windows for the high res Texture, because they need more then 3 GB RAM, and 32-bit doesn't support more then 3GB of RAM.
    22 Jun 2011, 20:11
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 DX11 + High Res Textures - June 27th!

    This news along with news of the (excellent) 1.9 patch is spectacular. I never had any doubts you guys would deliver (a fact that may be checked by viewing my previous posts).

    I've been a long time Crytek fan and you haven't let me down yet. First time I've looked forward to a Monday in a long time! :D
    22 Jun 2011, 20:16
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  • 22 Jun 2011, 20:19
  • 22 Jun 2011, 20:22
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 DX11 + High Res Textures - June 27th!

    dbe425 wrote:@ Crytek Is it possible to get the recommended and required specs for the 1.9 patch to include DX11 and high res textures.

    My Recommendation of Specs
    CPU- a good one
    GPU- a better one.
    RAM- Alot
    22 Jun 2011, 20:46

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