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  • Subject: CRYMOD.COM was attacked! Message from Cry-Adam

    Somehow, I manage to obtain this information through and I found this in the forums.
    Somehow when You click this, it says "Sorry but this board is currently unavailable." Somehow I manage to access this message by clicking it rapidly :P
    Cry-Adam wrote:"Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately, last night Crymod was attacked and the web team have spent all day [whilst we're trying to work on the new website] trying to restore our backups but because Crymod has been moved to a new environment and is an all new setup, the backup solution wasn't finalised and as such, half-failed with unstable and not-yet-tested results.

    The latest, most stable backup we have was from the 18th of May so we have lost almost a month worth of content because of this attack. This is not the first time Crymod has been under attack and whilst we've been able to recover fairly smoothly in the past, this time we've been caught with our pants down but ultimately it's the community that pays the price for these attacks.

    Please note that we do not believe this to be part of the larger chain of attacks occurring across multiple gaming websites. We do recommend that if you share the same password on Crymod as you do on any other accounts that you please change it just to be on the safe side. It's always safest to never use the same password on more than one account.

    We do apologise for these issues and we are working to improve and strengthen our web security as quickly as we can.

    - Crymod Staff."

    And people thought that crymod was getting ready to distribute the crysis 2 sandbox 3 and the DX11 patch, hah! >:D ( *sad face)
    16 Jun 2011, 17:41
  • 16 Jun 2011, 17:55
  • Subject: Re: CRYMOD.COM was attacked! Message from Cry-Adam

    In the way loads of sites are being hit I'm not surprised, I'm waiting for this site to go down or any other site associated with crytek, their screw over pc community antics was bound to get attention from who ever is doin this, but if there is no moral ethics in the game industry why should we show any back to them. My 10 pence worth
    16 Jun 2011, 18:07
  • Subject: Re: CRYMOD.COM was attacked! Message from Cry-Adam

    Was thinking of asking lulzsec to hit EA, seeing as they're currently in the mood to crash games. Might as well punish a company that has a legitimate reason to be punished. Payforweapons bs.
    16 Jun 2011, 18:38
  • Subject: Re: CRYMOD.COM was attacked! Message from Cry-Adam

    Sorry. I just find it hard to believe. It sounds more like a lie to cover their poor work and to buy time with such excuses in a pseudo false flag manner than they were truly stupid and "caught with their pants down".

    Either way though, one thing is for sure: its still indicative of their incompetence.
    16 Jun 2011, 18:50
  • Subject: Re: CRYMOD.COM was attacked! Message from Cry-Adam

    Hmmmm, so they lost their back up but not the decimation pack. If you don't believe this one then I'll tell you another one.

    So all the back up is only on one place ? And the job being done rght now has disappeared also ?

    Yeah people, download their dlc and pay on this secure http site.
    16 Jun 2011, 19:15
  • 16 Jun 2011, 19:33
  • 16 Jun 2011, 19:51
  • 16 Jun 2011, 20:15
  • Subject: Re: CRYMOD.COM was attacked! Message from Cry-Adam

    TSAndrey wrote:
    ThisGameIsAScam wrote:Good job hackers !

    Hi, I just reported you... I hope it will be nice on your Ban-Vacation!

    dude sorry but that has made you sound like your still at school and reporting someone as a teachers pet,
    if it was worded dif it might of sounded better,

    also i think in some of your posts youve told people if they dont like crysis 2 then dont buy it or dont play it and play something else.

    could the same logic be applied to posts, if you dont like a post just ignore it, im not having a go but it just the way you have worded that post.
    16 Jun 2011, 20:59

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