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  • Subject: Vote Kick Feature - Updated [02/06/11]

    Hi guys,

    The 1.8 patch features the ability to participate in a vote by just pressing F1 to vote yes. If you wish to vote no, just don't press the F1 key and your lack of vote will be interpreted as a 'no' vote.

    Quick update regarding funny characters in names:
    If you type in votekick, press Space and then press TAB, you can cycle through the names of people in the server. Just TAB through until you get to the person you want then hit enter. TAB'ing saves you from having to type the whole name

    How to initiate a kick:
    • Open your console with (~) or (`) key by default.
    • Type in votekick playername (where playername is the name of the player you wish to kick) and press enter.
    • You can also hit TAB to complete a sentence, so type the first few letters of the players name then hit TAB.
    • A message will appear on screen: "Vote to kick playername initiated"

    How to vote:
    • Press F1 to submit your 'Yes' vote.
    • In order to vote 'No', simply don't press F1.


    • Required Votes for successful kick - 51%
    • Default timeout for kicked user is 10 minutes. You will not be able to rejoin the same server in that time.
    • 3 minute cooldown before user can call another vote if unsuccessful.

    Please let us know if you have any difficulties with the vote kicking system or suggestions on how it could be improved!

    26 Apr 2011, 21:48
  • 26 Apr 2011, 21:50
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    Ahh this is so it cant be turned around and used against non cheaters. Like what happen in cod 4. hackers just twisted it and then it vote kick who ever initiated the vote kick... nice idea.... also whats up with cvars?
    26 Apr 2011, 21:52
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    While i do like the idea about being able to kick hackers unfortunently the little kids that dont know skills from hacks are gonna make us skilled players suffer i hope u guys have some measures on this feature to not have us players that are commited and skilled getting kicked for no reason.
    26 Apr 2011, 21:52
  • 26 Apr 2011, 21:53
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    a close friend that is really good. and ppl think he hacks, which he doesnt. and probably if they have this feature, a lot of good players might get kicked out if they have an outrageous score.
    26 Apr 2011, 21:58
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    Im concerned that the majority of players wont know how to use this feature and thus it will be useless. A lot of people have trouble comprehending a simple F1-F2 vote kick system.
    26 Apr 2011, 21:59
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    If you are too good then donot play with noobs.They have every right to kick you.Play with your match or donot play.That how this world works.
    26 Apr 2011, 22:01
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    Honestly, can you stop stalling and just give us the commands to votekick. The community isn't exactly all childish children with no knowledge of judgement.

    The feature should be simple.. votekick kicks the player from the game.. that's all there is to it. We need to be able to defend ourselves against people ruining the game for us.

    A long dragged out guide isn't needed. You're overdoing it, in my opinion, because it should be quite simple and straightforward in the process.

    So please just post the commands. I can initiate a votekick with votekick PlayerName in the console however nobody knows how to vote yes.

    There are more efficient ways of working this out Cry-Adam. I'm just coming from a business and common sense standpoint. Not some idiot whose whining on a game forum. (although there tend to be lots of those on game forums)
    26 Apr 2011, 22:04
  • Subject: Re: Vote Kick Feature

    Hedgehog8 wrote:Im concerned that the majority of players wont know how to use this feature and thus it will be useless. A lot of people have trouble comprehending a simple F1-F2 vote kick system.

    I wouldn't exactly go that far in judging people's comprehension. That's not the problem. The problem is the feature isn't straightforward or obvious at all and is currently buried deep within the command console.
    26 Apr 2011, 22:09

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