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  • Subject: Crysis 2 1.4 PC Patch - Now Live

    Crysis 2 PC Patch 1.4 - Now Live!

    A new Crysis 2 PC patch is coming next week and we'd like to give you a preview on some of the changes that will be included.

    PC Changes:
    • • Vote-kicking feature added.
    • • Further improvements to anti-cheat measures.
    • • Objectives are returned if they end up in forbidden areas.
    • • Fix for Nanosuit Modules that could not be leveled in some circumstances.
    • • Fix for some instances of errors logging into multiplayer that would report "Could not connect to Gamespy".
    • • Fix for unlock tokens failing to be awarded if a player quit a game in which they leveled up before the end of the round.
    • • Fix for inconsistencies with weapon zooming.
    • • Fix for outdated stats being saved when a client leaves mid-game.
    • • Fixes to the Nanosuit Reboot option available at level 50.
    • • Fixed several weapon exploits.
    • • Fixed a rare issue where auto-aim, stealth kill and grab would not work on an AI.
    • • Reduced memory footprint of sound.
    • • Optimized full screen effects on some graphics cards.
    • • Optimized SSAO on some graphics cards.

    Thank you for your patience and we look forward to your feedback on the game once the patch is out.

    - MyCrysis Team


    Update: Patch should now be available and automatically download. Please check that your version has been updated to the latest "" version via the Crysis2.exe details.

    Not all servers are updated to the latest version so there will be a short period of time where only a limited amount of servers are available but keep trying and more servers/slots will become available soon!

    Update 2: Steam patch was rolled out but a glitch occured with the rest which is why the patch isn't yet available. Please bear with us while this rollout issue is resolved. Further information in the last post.

    Update 3: Autodownloader is now picking up the patch so you should be able to download it. If the patch doesn't automatically download, please use Crysis2Launcher.exe in the Crysis2/Bin32 folder.
    21 Apr 2011, 09:50
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 PC Patch

    Wow, it's a pretty awesome patch.
    I'm still waiting for DX11 patch...
    Hope it comes on next patch...:(
    21 Apr 2011, 09:55
  • 21 Apr 2011, 10:02
  • 21 Apr 2011, 10:08
  • 21 Apr 2011, 10:09
  • 21 Apr 2011, 10:11
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 PC Patch

    Good work crytek keep it up

    (i wouldn't mind some POM though.... mmmm... good)
    21 Apr 2011, 10:14
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 PC Patch

    ... I TOLD U SO!!! i knew it crytek didnt give up on us! i just knew that they would fix their master piece! this fix patch is going to fix this multiplayer finaly! allthou this vote kick feature is kind of scaring me because some nubs will maybe? vote to kick me cus i own too hard and theyll say OMG HE HAXXORZ I KICK U!! i just hope that it wont get abused and be used only to kick REAL CHeATERS who kill in stealth without breaking it or using aim bot and killing every1 while standing or whos flying and stealthing and aim botting at the same time or having infinite energy or smth like that!
    21 Apr 2011, 10:17
  • Subject: Re: Crysis 2 PC Patch

    Nice to see some progress, now lets hope a fix for all the random crashes to desktop comes along real soon too =)
    21 Apr 2011, 10:18
  • 21 Apr 2011, 10:19

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