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  • Subject: Broken Laser sight Attachment (SinglePlayer)

    I have noticed something odd about the laser sights for the pistols and rifles, in that their aim seems to lag when moving or looking around quickly. This causes me to miss a load of shots that should have hit the target, but instead they hit the area the sight was last targeting. I took some pics to demonstrate the problem.

    AY69: ... 75CC3620A/

    Notice that the bullet hits way off target when I turn right, there seems to be about a seconds worth of "aim lag" in that I fired the gun where the laser is pointing yet it hit where it was a second ago. This makes using the laser sight while moving extremely difficult, as well as trying to pull off more than one single shot quick kill. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, or if it effects multiplayer, all I know is it screws up the gameplay with the laser-sight a great deal. Also the first two Crysis games didn't have this problem. I can post more pics if necessary.
    05 Apr 2011, 03:17
  • 05 Apr 2011, 03:21
  • Subject: Re: Broken Laser sight Attachment (SinglePlayer)

    BmB wrote:A lot of the times the dot just disappears. And it makes the cover system broken too. Makes the gun shoot into the wall for some reason.

    I have noticed that too, it definitely needs some fixing. Also you can adjust your position while leaning using the movement keys so the laser dot doesn't hit your cover.
    05 Apr 2011, 03:31
  • 05 Apr 2011, 06:04

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