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  • Subject: Crysis 2 Update Thread [Updated - 6th May]

    Hey everyone!

    This thread will serve as a place for Crytek to share any updates regarding Crysis 2 (specifically the PC version). Here you will find info, official statements and links that may be helpful and we'll continue to update as soon as we get any new info.

    This thread is locked so that we don't need to moderate it and can instead just keep the OP up to date. We will take information from other threads and place it here so this will be the main source of information.


    Posting in the Forums
    Please make sure to read through the forums before posting a new thread, often you will find someone has already created a thread about the topic you wish to discuss. Please also keep an eye out for Crytek posts. We are actively posting in all forums and often you can find the reply you were looking for in one of these threads. We will soon update the forums to make it clearer on which posts have had a Crytek reply and which have not.

    Contacting Support
    Please do not use private messages as a means to contact Crytek staff. As many people are trying to do this, it's not an efficient way of getting on contact and we do not guarantee a reply. If you are having problems and need 1-1 support please get in touch with EA support on or consult the MyCrysis forums.

    Info & Fixes
    Crysis 2 PC fixes & info

    Crysis 2 and DX11
    We would like to announce that there will be a DX11 patch released for Crysis 2. We are working to get the best out of DX11, so we’ll wait to announce the features until a little closer to release.

    29/3 - We've been working hard to resolve as many of the post-launch issues as possible including some improvements to our game security. These updates will be made available via automatic-download later this week.

    30/3 - We wanted to let all of our fans and players know that we take cheating very seriously here at Crytek. We are currently taking steps to permanently remove cheats from Crysis 2 and those individuals that choose to utilize them. We thank you for your patience and want to ensure you that we will continue to work hard to keep the integrity of Crysis 2 intact and cheat-free.

    31/3 - Our fix thread has been updated to add an acknowledgment to more issues we're currently investigating

    31/3 - Today we released the first of a number of security updates, accounts that we have identified as exploiting an unfair advantage have been reset and if the activity persists they will be banned permanently. If you find yourself being kicked from every MP game it is because our systems have detected you cheating. We will continue to update anti-cheat software in Crysis 2 and strive for a cheat-free community.

    31/3 - If you are having problems signing into Crysis 2, you should try using your Crysis 1 login details. If you cannot remember your Crysis 1 username, please visit this page to retrieve it, using your MyCrysis account e-mail address and password.

    1/4 - Our fix thread has been updated to add an acknowledgment to more issues we're currently investigating.

    1/4 - Another small update has been made to our security measures against cheating, if you're finding yourself kicked from a server and banned for 1 hour, it is because our system has flagged you as utilizing an unfair advantage over other players. To avoid this in future you should use a default install of Crysis 2.

    5/4 - A number of users have reported they continue to have problems with the Nano Catalyst bug after patch 1.2.0, while others report it fixed. We're investigating to work out what could be causing this issue.

    7/4 - Users having issues with invalid serial errors should try re-entering their serial key as described here

    12/4 - We are aware that some users are experiencing connection dropouts mid-game in the multiplayer side of the game. We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating the cause. If you are experiencing this issue, please share any relevant information in this thread.

    13/4 - Following on from the announcement on the 7th regarding Invalid Serial errors, if you're still experiencing this issue and are 100% certain that you've correctly entered a valid CD key, please contact EA support for further assistance:

    21/4 - Preview notes for the next PC patch have been released. You can check them out here! The patch is due next week.

    6/5 - Today we took the action of permanently banning accounts of offenders for cheating and exploiting Crysis 2. We will endeavor to monitor stats and other sources as well as update our anti-cheat measures, to track these people down and remove them from the community. Maintaining a great experience for our players will always be our top priority.
    06 May 2011, 17:16

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