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  • Subject: I can't login to Crysis 2 game with my account

    I can't login to Crysis 2 with my account. Can anyone help? It won't let me create a new login because it says that the e-mails is already in use.... I do not want to pick a new nick, I haven't had to for 12 years.
    22 Mar 2011, 19:54
  • 22 Mar 2011, 19:58
  • 22 Mar 2011, 19:59
  • 22 Mar 2011, 20:03
  • Subject: Re: I can't login to Crysis 2 game with my acco

    Wrong username/password error

    This is the same issue I had with the demo. I can't play multiplayer at all nor redeem my Limited edition version. I bought this game on steam.

    As you can tell I know my account my username and password just fine, since I am logged on to the forums, so it can't be human error
    22 Mar 2011, 20:05
  • 22 Mar 2011, 20:06
  • Subject: Re: I can't login to Crysis 2 game with my acco

    I was trying to make a new account of course it doesn't allow me since my email address has already been used up. I really didn't want to make a totally new email account just for this game (no I won't use the one for my job), but if that allows it to work I guess I have to do it. Can anyone else collaborate if this really helps???
    22 Mar 2011, 20:10
  • 22 Mar 2011, 20:11
  • 22 Mar 2011, 20:11
  • Subject: Re: I can't login to Crysis 2 game with my acco

    I have the same problem. I read on these forums somewhere that this happend to people that created a mycrysis account the first week that the demo was released.

    I was able to login and play *Once*, but as stated above I get "invalid username/password".

    The game remembered my username so i left that alone and I logged in with the same password that I used to login to this site right now. I even tried resetting the password. No luck.

    Obviously this is a major deal breaker. I would be incredibly upset if I had already decided to buy and download it a moment ago.

    I'm sure that there are other folks out there looking for a fix for this too. If you have any ideas please let us know sir.
    22 Mar 2011, 20:12

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