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  • Subject: {FGC}* Gaming - Recruitment

    Gday all. Just wished to spread the word on {FGC}*.

    {FGC}* (Fun Gamers Community, found at started in early 2009, and has since grown to over 50 members. We are primarily based in Australia and New Zealand, although cater to anywhere in the world. We also run several gaming servers.

    While i cannot ask you to join the clan, i urge you to take a look. We are a very social gaming community with a variety of things to talk about on our forums. Not only the gaming aspect, but anything within your life, we are interested. {FGC}* strives to take the social gaming aspect further, and provide the ultimate in social gaming, whatever game you play. If you are looking for the ultimate social gaming place, im sure {FGC}* will suit your needs.

    Ok i think that's a long enough post. Any furthur information you need, simply PM me, reply to this post or send an email to .

    Cheers, L33t_Of_Lag.
    25 Jan 2012, 12:03

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