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  • Subject: Re: Warface - made by Crytek

    CephxNightmare wrote:
    voluntario wrote:i'm not supporting this, i'm still waiting basic fixes to C2 mp like the attachments unlocks, the singleshot on the silenced grendel, the playlist, etc...

    until that this new game can (and i hope it does) go to hell...

    Pff.. can you please give it a rest. First of all, yes they f*cked Crysis 2 by not patching it (while it isn't even their fault completely) but still, they are developing a FREE shooter with CryEngine like graphics.

    This new game might just pull Crytek out of the sh*t they are in now (for Crysis 2 players at least)

    I am very willing to give them another chance in making a mend, and making an awesome game, if they will support it and respect the community as they deserve to be respected.

    yeah because patching a game is harder than make a new one with the same engine... wake up dude.
    29 Mar 2012, 15:01
  • Subject: Re: Warface - made by Crytek

    Hey you guys do realize you can play warface right now don't you? Me and a few others over on the pc forum have been for a while. I have three topics open on it now, with solutions to problems as well as new on any updates that are released. You don't need a super computer to run it. As long as it's a decent set up you can run it no problem. Just go to It's in the russian servers right now so you may experience some lag. just register an account and have at it. Also if you want the game in english just download the english files here. ... rface.html. At best it'll give you an idea if you wanna download it when it releases here.
    09 Apr 2012, 05:26
  • Subject: Re: Warface - made by Crytek

    My opinion: This looks like Battlefield meets Team Fortress 2 with a stupid title.

    While Battlefield is awesome, and Team Fortress 2 is stupid, the title doesn't exactly endear me either. Warface? Really?
    14 Apr 2012, 08:13

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